Absolute beginners

Absolute Beginners from the 2011 course with the Mayor before the start of the Alice Holt 5K race in 2011

Farnham Runners are a very social group of people encompassing a wide range of running abilities and ages. We will enjoy the fitness and fun that running gives us and each year we run our Absolute Beginners course to help to introduce others to running and to our club.

The course runs once a year, starting in April and lasting for 10 weeks.

The course is for anyone who wants to take up running but never quite had the fitness, confidence or motivation to do it, it’s really not for those who can already run 5k. It caters for everyone from the “absolute beginners to running” to the “rusty/unfit returners to running”.

We start with warm ups and short jog/walking sessions then gradually, over the 10 weeks, build up to running a full 5k and hopefully along the journey instil the running bug in our Absolute Beginners. Then why not enter our Club Championship 5k run and BBQ held in June.

For the past 7 years many of our Absolute Beginners have gone on to run far greater distances (marathons and beyond!), met new friends and become regular and valued members of our warm and welcoming running club.

About the course

Course dates

The course usually runs from mid April for 10 weeks. We have a non-running introductory session before the course starts at our club house where we discuss the content of the course: Wednesday 12th April 2017

Sessions are then held every Monday 6.45pm and Wednesday 6.45pm, including the Bank Holidays.

Contact Helen Bracey (07868 616374) if you would like further information.

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