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This form should only be used for new membership applications. Renewals are directly handled by our Membership Secretary.

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For membership year 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025

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For youth membership we require the email address of your parent or carer.

Existing club information

Please submit this form so Farnham Runners have your details, but also you will need to log on to the and initiate the transfer found under the Club Transfer menu.

Data protection

Please review the declarations below (any committee member will be happy to discuss these with you if you have concerns).

  • Declaration 1: I agree that my contact details will be used for the operation of the club and may also be shared with other club members. (This will generally be used by the committee to keep you informed of club activities and events).
  • Declaration 2: I agree that my contact details may be shared with England Athletics for affiliation purposes (NB. Members not sharing their details with England Athletics cannot claim affiliated entry to races as a Farnham Runner).

Code of Conduct

In joining the club you agree our code of conduct below (opens in new tab/window):

Farnham Runners Members Code of Conduct v2.0.pdf


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