Press releases

These are recent press releases issued by Farnham Runners reporting on races and events in which we have participated and other club news.

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Dates are those of the press releases and not necessarily of any associated races, events or items of news reported.

SXCL = Southern Cross Country League *
HRRL = Hampshire Road Race League

Press releasesDate
Chiltern Ridge Trail Ultra
Two more ‘Not’ races and some real races
Life getting back to normal for Farnham Runners
Two virtual cross countries
‘Not’ Ryde 10 and other virtual race news
Virtual events are keeping the Runners busy
Focusing on our running…
A year on, it’s very different – but still fun
A Farnham Runner’s ‘Lockdown Challenge’
2020 Virtual Vitality London 10,000m
2020 Club Championship, Atlantic Coast Challenge, South Downs Way 50 and Maverick Jurassic Coast trail race
Get Me Started 2020 course for beginners
Woodland Woggle
Virtual London Marathon and Maverick x TRIBE Run Free Surrey
Pilgrim Marathon and Half Marathon, Ultra 62km and 21km Fox Way

* Formerly the Hampshire Division of the Todays Runner Winter League, also commonly known as the Todays Runner Cross Country League