Get Me Started with Farnham Runners

Linzi Bamford instructing a stretching exercise to the 2023 Get Me Started course participants

New members of Farnham Runners recently completed the 10 week Get Me Started introduction to running course. The course was co-ordinated by coach Linda Tyler, with help from coaches Craig Tate-Grimes and Julia Tagg and leaders Jacquie Browne and Lindsay Bamford, and support from Louise Grannell and Jackie Wilkinson.

The new runners began by running intervals of just one and a half minutes at a time and over the course of the ten weeks, gradually ran for longer, until the last session when they managed to run for thirty minutes without stopping.

As well as meeting on a Wednesday evening at the clubhouse and running around the Bourne Woods, the beginners were also supported at the Alice Holt Forest parkrun every Saturday morning during the course. Here are some of their comments:


“Thank you so much for everything you do to help us newbys.”


“Many thanks again for such an excellent course which has re-introduced me gently to running and shown me that in this type of graduated way my knees can cope. I can’t tell you how pleased I am! Linda and all the other coaches have created such a warm and welcoming atmosphere that has created a very friendly and inspiring space. A huge thank you from me for all your efforts and guidance. Truly appreciated.” 


“I’m loving the course, so thank you for all the support and effort you, the other coaches and runners provide. It’s such a warm and friendly group which only inspires you to keep coming back! And the graded increase in walking / running is just perfect.” 

At the Club Championships last weekend, six of the beginners completed their first 5K race.

2023 Get Me Started course graduates Lauryn Etheridge, Sophie Chalk, Sam Boggia, Clare Pash, Laura Weston, Andrew Greasley,, ready to run in the 2023 Club Championships

CP said:

“Thank you to all the marshals and helpers for a fab 5K race today! Really enjoyed it despite it feeling hotter than the Sahara!” 

The runners will now be able to access everything that the club has to offer its members from speed and interval training sessions at the military stadium in Aldershot and on a designated track line at Farnham Park, to group runs from the clubhouse on the Bourne Green.

The next course will start in April 2024.