Club runs

Runners running up a steep track in Bourne Woods

We meet at our Club House on Wednesdays and Sundays for a variety of training runs in the surrounding countryside (summer) or around the town (winter).

Wednesday evening training runs

7pm from the Club House

We run in a variety of groups according to speed and ability and how you feel on the day.

We have “Fast and Furious” and “Slow and Steady” and many groups in between. We look after all standards from “Rusty Returners” and the Injured to those training for Speed and Endurance. Distances and speeds vary according to need and ability and we welcome all levels .

During the summer months the runs can be on a variety of terrain where we take full advantage of our beautiful local countryside. We run in the woods, the forests and across the commons, all within easy reach of our clubhouse.

During the winter months our evening runs are mainly on the local roads and pavements to take advantage of the street lighting. We take varying circular routes, which can extend into Farnham town, Aldershot and Badshot Lea for those who want a longer run.

Distances range from 3-5 mile groups and stretch to 8 -11 mile groups. The pace varies from the Slow and Steady at 10 – 12 minute mile pace to the faster groups reaching a 6 to 7 minute mile pace.

Please email for advice and further information on our runs.

Sunday morning training runs

9:30am from the Club House

When a big race is not on, Sundays are for those long, slow training runs.

We run out from the Club house into the surrounding countryside, making as much use as possible of the wide variety of terrain on the commons of Frensham, Tilford, Hankley or Crooksbury (amongst others).

If you think you’d like to have a go then we welcome newcomers at any of our training runs where you should make yourself known to a committee member.