Club Handicap

Farnham Runners pose in fancy dress before the start of the 2022 Club Handicap

Date of next Club Handicap not yet announced

About the Club Handicap

The Farnham Runners’ Club Handicap is an annual event held around Christmas / New Year where the fiendishly difficult task of allocating a handicap based on individuals past performance over various Grand Prix races is always the cause of much muttering and amusement!

This is the chance to run against and perhaps beat those ‘racing snakes’ on more even terms (i.e. without tying their shoelaces together…).

The race is only open to fully paid-up members of Farnham Runners.

The race is for fun … and to even things up even more is held in fancy dress. The route is on roads over approximately 4.25 miles.

The race starts and finishes from our Club house, where after the race there is usually mulled wine and mince pies.

Race results and press releases

Club Handicap results are posted in the club pages.

Press release for 2022 Club Handicap

Press releases for previous Club Handicaps

Note: the 2020 Club Handicap was not held due to Covid-19 restrictions.