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Our qualified coaches

Jane Georghiou Steve Gillingham Linda Tyler

Jane Georghiou and Steve Gillingham both hold the UK Athletics Level Two Performance Coach Licence, specialising in Endurance.

After becoming an England Athletics “Leader in Running Fitness” Linda Tyler has the more recent Coach in Running Fitness qualification.

Jane Georghiou takes the “Improve your speed” training sessions on Tuesdays, running different types of sessions in summer and winter, while Steve Gillingham is often available at the club runs on Wednesday evenings and is happy to give advice.

Linda also:

Our leaders in running fitness

Jacquie Brown Craig Tate-Grimes Lindsay Bamford Julia Tagg

A number of Farnham Runners became qualified “Leaders in Running Fitness” over several years. They include Jacquie Browne, Craig Tate-Grimes, Lindsay Bamford, Julia Tagg and Phil Hames.