“Improve your speed” training sessions for summer

Runner setting sports watch

Covid-19 update:

  • Members should be aware that it is their personal responsibility not to turn up to the activity if displaying any of the Covid-19 symptoms as outlined in the UK Government guidance.
  • Club runs from the clubhouse will resume from Wed 4th August. From 1st October some runs on the first Wednesday of the month may start from different venues, as during Covid-19. It will be necessary for members to sign up for these on Facebook.
  • Monday and Tuesday coached sessions – to ensure safe coach/athlete ratios, it will also be necessary to keep signing up for these.

Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm at Farnham Park football pitch and the Bourne Green.
We are currently running the winter training sessions.

Why do it?

Speed training should help develop leg strength, so you can generate more force per stride and don’t tire so easily, it should improve your running technique and help you to develop a quick cadence.

All standards of runner are welcome, though it is recommended that you are currently training at least 3 times per week and have run for at least 3 months in order to benefit from speed training without risking injury.

Don’t worry if you haven’t tried any thing like this before, as we are keen to introduce runners to this type of training.

If you have any queries please email: farnhamrunners@hotmail.com

A typical session

To give an idea of what we do, this is a typical session:

  • We warm up and then do some dynamic stretching drills and give tips on posture and style before the main session.
  • The main session includes different distances and recovery times e.g. 2 sets of 4x 400m followed by a 1200m tempo run (the number of repetitions, sets and recovery times and length of tempo run is varied to suit each individual runner)
  • On other occasions we do pyramid sessions, interval and jog recoveries or pair up for alternate reps to introduce an element of competition
  • We then do a warm down, static stretching and some core strength exercises.