Press releases 2008

These are press releases issued by Farnham Runners reporting on races and events in which we have participated and other club news.

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Dates are those of the press releases and not necessarily of any associated races, events or items of news reported.

TRXCL = Todays Runner Cross Country League *
HRRL = Hampshire Road Race League
HXCL = Hampshire Cross Country League

Press releasesDate
2008 Club Handicap
Marathon man just can’t stop running
TRXCL Farnham
HXCL Overton and HRRL Victory 5
HRRL Gosport Half Marathon, Basingstoke Time Trials and Amsterdam Marathon
HRRL Lordshill 10 mile, HXCL Goodwood and TRXCL Queen Elizabeth Country Park
Bushy Park 5km time trials
HXCL Farley Mount, HRRL Solent Half Marathon, Kosice Peace marathon, Woclaw marathon, Nottingham marathon and Clarendon Way marathon
2008 Alice Holt 10K
HRRL Overton 5m and Race the Train
2008 Club Championship
HRRL Winchester 10K, Edinburgh Marathon and Yateley 10K
HRRL Alton 10 and Hook 10 Mile
2008 London Marathon
HRRL Totton 10K and Taunton Marathon
World Masters Athletics Championships
HRRL Eastleigh 10K
TRXCL Staunton Country Park
HXCL Wimborne and Wokingham Half Marathon
TRXCL Stubbington Green
HRRL Ryde 10m
2008 Annual Awards Dinner, TRXCL Lord Wandsworth College and HRRL Stubbington Green 10km
TRXCL Liss and HXCL Reading

* Now known as the Southern Cross Country League.