HXCL Wimborne and Wokingham Half Marathon

HXCL – Wimborne

Farnham Runners ended the Hampshire Cross Country League on a high note with the ladies team surpassing previous series results by two places and the men gaining their best since 1999. The ladies finished 6th out of all teams in the league, their veterans taking 3rd slot. The men were close to promotion to the top flight, finishing in 3rd spot of ten clubs in Division Two with their veterans 3rd of 18 in veterans Division Two.

Ten of the sixteen Farnham representatives achieved personal best placings including Steve Kitney who headed the men over the 9km three lap course at Wimborne. He finished comfortably in 34 mins 6 secs, (64th, 19th veteran), a safe distance ahead of Charles Ashby (75th, 34.42). Close behind Andy Eakins claimed 79th (34.56), while Bob Brimicombe (108th, 36.59) and Mike Ashworth (114th, 37.21) gained ground during the last lap. This team of five took an excellent 2nd spot in Division Two.

Alan Froud almost made the team (119th, 37.34) while Andy Tweed (129th, 38.27) and Terry Steadman (141, 39.12) completed the veterans efforts of the day for 3rd place, Steadman crossing the line just one second ahead of Richard Cieslik (142nd, 39.13). Paul Beesley (134th, 38.56) supported the senior team.

Fine runs by the Farnham ladies secured joint sixth place on the day. Angela Epps (24th, 24.59) and Jane Georghiou (25th, 25.00) spurred each other on to good times over their 6 km two laps course, Angela powering to the line for a one second lead. Both were listed in individual veterans tables for the series, Jane 7th and Angela 9th.

Lindsay Bamford gained a well-deserved personal best placing of 39th (26.33) to complete the team tally. Kim Mepsted (56th, 29.31) and Caroline Freeman (58th, 30.00) gained PBs by 19 and 13 respectively while Lisa Smith (68th, 32.11) also gave very valuable support.

Wokingham Half Marathon

In the recent Wokingham Half Marathon Graham Wilton stood out with a 1.17.52 clocking for second in the M45 category in a very competitive race. This ranks him 7th M45 in UK for the year so far. Another Farnham Runner who features in these tables is Stuart Edgoose who lies top of the M75 category with his 51.39 in the Stubbington Green 10km.

Other Wokingham half marathon times: Steve Gillingham 1.29.14, Sarah and Bertie Matthews 1.54.22, Emma Doven 1.55.47, Michael Perrett 1.56.35, Helen Cathie 1.57.12, Shirley Perrett 2.06.05, Chris Lyne 2.12.07, Helen Scullard 2.15.49.