Virtual Hampshire Road League for club members

From an idea by member Chris Cramp, Farnham Runners has started a “not Hampshire Road Race League” of virtual events for its club members*. The first was instead of the Victory 5, which should have taken place on 6th December.

Members could choose their own course, on or off road, the only criterion being that it should be safe both for them and others. The time slot was a period of 9 days. Thirty-seven members took part, an increase of 13 on the number in the actual race in 2019.

There was a whole spread of times as the race appealed to strong competitors and more leisurely runners alike. Some found flat road routes while others used more scenic, hilly courses. Many had not raced the 5 mile distance before.

The times have been used for a “Not Grand Prix” league similar the club’s normal Grand Prix.

Virtual races are planned to substitute for the real Hampshire Road Race League races until they are able to resume.

* These virtual events are open only to members of Farnham Runners.