Latest plans for our Club House

You might have seen the video we put together and we hope you have visited the Great Bourne Community website.

The action plan is to rebuild our club house ready for 2025 (see strategy below). The pavilion will be a community facility and requires both the input of the sports clubs and the community to raise the funds needed.

Early this year Waverley (the owners of the building) made some structural repairs to the outside. And over the past few months we have been working towards sprucing up the inside.

Thank you to all the volunteers so far – much appreciated. There are new carpets being fitted into the changing rooms and hallway, and we have been decorating those areas. The cricket club have done a huge amount of the preparation and will continue to help with interior maintenance.

The Coffee Can pop-up coffee shop on the Bourne Green

You might also have noticed “The Coffee Can” popping up on the Bourne Green. She will have access to the club house and will also be looking to help improve the interior of the main club room and the outside space. She is there on weekends too, so perfect for a coffee and cake after a weekend run.

Chart showing strategy for rebuilding the club house by 2025