HRRL Alton 10

Farnham Runners group before start of 2009 Alton 10

Farnham Runners enjoyed a very successful morning at the Hampshire Road League Alton 10 race, with forty taking part and the fastest club teams gaining high places. All completed the challenging the hilly course to collect their medal, although warm conditions may have impacted on times.

Going strong after his recent Paris marathon, Michael Rix showed them how to do it with his fine 11th place of 504 runners and a superb time of 59 minutes 52 seconds. Spurred on by his victory in the Headley Fun Run Charles Ashby (31st) strode out confidently for 1.04.34. Bob Brimicombe next in 1.05.06 gained on Steve Kitney in 1.05.25, 33rd and 35th respectively. These four took 4th team slot in the race and 3rd in Division One of the Hampshire Road League.

Michael Smith (1.05.43, 38th) was not far behind and comfortably led the B team of Julian Mann (1.07.03), Mike Walberton (1.09.22) and Tim Cummins (1.11.42) that came second in the B top division.

Eleventh of 184 ladies, Angela Epps took over a minute from her personal best at this distance to head the team in a fine 1.11.11 (4th W35). Jane Georghiou (1.13.17) took 2 ½ minutes from her last year’s W55 course record, while Emma Pearson (1.20.22) made a very important contribution to the team result. This team placed 5th in the race and a very useful 2nd in the top Hampshire Division. Kim Mepsted (1.26.19), Wendy Carley (1.28.31) and Ali Lowes, on her debut for the club, (1.31.06) gave a B result of sixth.

Other Farnham times

Men: Scott Salmon 1.13.26, Paul Beesley 1.15.39, Dave Armstrong 1.15.53, Richard Sheppard and Nick Hill 1.17.29, Matt Burns 1.18.26, Robert Murdoch 1.21.14, Graham Higgins, 1.21.35, Alan Froud 1.21.50, Steve Payne 1.22.21, James Ogilvie (after a 13 mile run and delayed start of ten minutes!) 1.22.55, Richard Cieslik 1.23.07, Stash Hutten 1.25.51, Chris Cramp 1.26.50, Matthew Mitchell 1.27.12, Peter Strange 1.28.17 (PB), Ian Carley 1.28.31, Andrew Perrin 1.29.38.

Ladies: Emma Doven 1.36.20, Caroline Freeman 1.36.59, Julie Russ 1.37.55, Shirley Perrett 1.38.13, Helen Scullard 1.39.02, Diane Cox 1.39.36, Jo Baker 1.41.16, Charlotte Lagorce (debut) 1.47.51.