2014 Club Handicap

Farnham Runners group in fancy dress before the start of the 2014 Club Handicap

At Farnham Runners’ annual Club Handicap race ingenuity in designing fancy dress costumes as well as running performance is recognised. A huge variety of characters set off from the clubhouse this year with over sixteen minutes between them at the start of the 4.25 mile route but the first twenty-four all finishing within four minutes of each other.

Army personnel in camouflage, Batman, a Kung Fu expert and a nun were on hand to keep some less desirables in check, as a red devil, a pirate, Darth Vader and some Bed Monsters were let loose in the Bourne. A monkey, a reindeer, a cow, an ostrich, Shaggy Dog and Minnie Mouse could also easily have run amok.

But the race is serious business with a coveted trophy to be won. This year it was the ladies who dominated both the Handicap race and the fancy dress competition.

Striding across the Green to victory was a beaming Becky Martin who set off with the same handicap as a delighted second – placed Tori Shaw, just eight seconds adrift. In third place was last year’s winner, Vicki Clarke. Next came Louise Davis, Mary D Fitzgerald and Shirley Perrett. The leading man, Stuart Williamson took 7th place, followed by Peter Chapman and Craig Tate-Grimes in 8th and 9th.

Fastest of the day was James Clarke in a time of 26 minutes 12 seconds, while his wife Vicki was quickest lady in 32:54. Sean Smith (27:25) and Jirka Zaloudik (28:02) were 2nd and 3rd fastest men with Anne Snelson (33:45) and Louise Davies (35:18) 2nd and 3rd fastest ladies.

There was no doubt about the winner of the fancy dress competition, last year’s winner, Jacqueline Ashley-Collins. Her home-made cow costume stole the show though it seemed to result in her losing time meandering en-route. Tori Shaw as Mini Mouse, also a previous winner, came 2nd with a vivacious Mary D. Fitzgerald as Bob Marley 3rd.

Other participants: Neil Ambrose, Billy McCulloch, Tim Cummins, Paul Mackie, Steve Bailey, Matt Dellar, Stuart Haig, Douglas Blyth, Rebecca Ashcroft, Terry Steadman, Colin Addison, Richard Frost, Richard Adolph, Ian and Grace Carley, Geoff Brown, Steve Kitney, Catrin Petty, Hannah Maxfield, Emma Doven and Richard Sheppard.

After refreshments, Chairman Richard Sheppard presented the prizes and thanked all who had helped including Jane Georghiou, Craig Tate-Grimes Shirley Perrett, Ian George and Nicola Kitney.