2019 Alice Holt Forest Races

Start of the 2019 Alice Holt Races 10K

About the event

Farnham Runners welcomed the glorious weather for the 25th staging of their Alice Holt Forest Races. With races for 5 year olds upwards, it was an enjoyable family day out with large numbers of supporters turning out to spur on the runners.

Over 30 volunteers gave up their time to put on this event, mostly Farnham Runners members but also their friends and relatives. Race director, Craig Tate-Grimes had worked tirelessly over many months to organise the event for the sixth time. Their hard work paid off as the day went according to plan and there were many positive comments on the Alice Holt races social media page congratulating the club for the excellent organisation and friendly, smiling marshals.

For the first time there was a dedicated website www.aliceholtraces.org, set up by men’s captain, John Phillips.

The forest-themed medals were a bespoke design for the 25th Anniversary, from an outline produced by Farnham Runners social secretary, Clair Bailey, and a fitting reward for completing the challenging undulating forest track course.

Organisers tried to reduce the environmental impact of the race by using only paper cups at water stations, not having “Goody bags” at the end but giving out bananas and flapjacks instead and recycling as much of the waste as possible. Club secretary, Linda Tyler had volunteered to make hundreds of flapjacks that were very much appreciated.

Team giving out drinks and bananas at the end of the race Team handing out medals at the end of the race

The course had been set out the previous day by Craig Tate-Grimes, Ali Hardaway, Linda Tyler, Mike Dunkley, Geoff Brown and Stephen Tarrant. Previous race director Charles Ashby cycled round to check the course early on Saturday and Colin Addison took on the vital role of lead cyclist while Emma Dawson, Mark Maxwell and Kathy Brown acted as tail runners.

Geoff Brown was perfect for the role of MC, working hard throughout the day, encouraging finishers across the line and later announcing the prize-winners. Sponsor Stephen Tarrant from Winkworth was on hand to present the 5km and 10km prizes with Jacquie Browne Farnham Runners Chairman.

Our sponsors

The race could not go ahead without the support of sponsors. This year the main sponsor was Winkworth Estate Agents, whose director, Stephen Tarrant, is a Farnham Runners member who often runs in Alice Holt Forest. Keen to encourage fitness and wellbeing within the organisation, he was pleased that a team from Winkworth took part in the events, even wearing their own specially designed Alice Holt Races T-shirts.

Local firm, Pure Trees, which takes on any aspect of tree care was also a much needed sponsor for the first time this year. Director Ben Clutterbuck was delighted to sponsor such a fitting event for the company.

Carpark donations of £272 were collected for Oakleaf, the local metal health charity.

Overall results

The runners were mostly locally based, many from local running clubs, though a few came from further afield. One, Stephan Peters from Fleet, ran carrying a 30 pound pack, as training for a 30 mile run (the 30/30) on Exmoor in October where he will be raising money for the First Light Trust to help Veterans.

There were some stunning performances across the races. The children aged 9-12 for 3km and 5-8 for 1km posted some cracking times, the 3k winner finishing in just over 12 mins and some of the 1k runners in just under or just over 5 mins despite the hilly courses and warm conditions.

In the 10km, repeating their success last year, a Fleet and Crookham AC trio of Douglas Smith, Jeffrey O’Connor and Dominic Lobo was first men’s team, while Farnham Runners Sarah McCulloch, Sue Taylor and Kay Copeland were the top ladies’ team.

Third last year, Christopher Izzard, running for Aldershot, Farnham and District A.C. was delighted to deduct 20 seconds from his previous time to win by over two minutes. First lady, Emily Trumplemann won by over 5 minutes and placed seventh overall.

Male 10Km winner presentation to Christpher-Tizzardwith Stephen Tarrant and Jacquie Browne (FR Chairman) Ladies 10km winner presentation to Emily Trumpelmann with Stephen Tarrant and Jacquie Browne (FR Chairman)

Full results can be found at racetimingsolutions.racetecresults.com

Category results and times

10 km

Senior men:

  1. Christopher Tizzard (AFD) 37:45
  2. Matthew Brown 40:23,
  3. Douglas Smith (Fleet and Crookham AC) 41:32

Senior Ladies:

  1. Mischa Kluyver 56:31
  2. Marie Fall (Clapham Chasers) 59:19
  3. Charlotte Turner 59:25

Men 40-49:

  1. James Wallace (Hart Road Runners) 39:56
  2. Harvey Wickham (Farnham Runners) 42:34
  3. Rob Fleming (Liss Runners) 43:04

Ladies 35-44:

  1. Emily Trumplemann (Lordshill Road Runners) 42:21
  2. Kat Barrett (Alton Runners) 47:13
  3. Fiona Wise 47:36

Men 50-59:

  1. Tom Frost (Liss Runners) 42:09

Ladies 45-54:

  1. Melanie Wiles 49:06

Men 60-69:

  1. Terry Copeland (Farnham Runners) 46:14

Ladies 55-64:

  1. Alison Richardson (Blackwater Valley Runners) 48:29

Men 70+:

  1. Robert Cornwell (Fleet and Crookham AC) 54:38

5 km

Junior man:

  1. Alastair Rushworth (AFD) 17:49
  2. Ollie Webb (Fleet and Crookham AC) 20:37

Senior man:

  1. Finlay McGuiness (Fleet and Crookham AC) 19:20
  2. Jonathan O’Connor (Fleet and Crookham AC) 19:56

Junior lady:

  1. Genevieve Long 25:38
  2. Isobel Taylor 33:05

Senior lady:

  1. Daisy Rae (Blackwater Valley Runners) 21:51
  2. Elaine Bardshaw 24:51

3 km


  1. Aaron Webb (Fleet and Crookham AC) 12:07
  2. Tom Wattenbach (AFD) 12:20
  3. Daniel Orbell (AFD) 12:27


  1. Robin Simons (Guildford and Godalming A.C.) 12:20
  2. Maya Jobbins (AFD) 12:35
  3. Julia Smykale 13:54

1 km

Boys :

  1. Tobi Adeniran 5:01
  2. Finn Woolston 5:02
  3. Emmanuel Nelson 5:08


  1. Jamie Simons 4:54
  2. Kiri Jobbins 4:59
  3. Charlotte Law 5:16