SXCL Lord Wandsworth College

SXCL Lord Wandsworth College

After a strong turn-out for the Punch Bowl Boxing Day fun run, Farnham Runners were soon back out in force for the last Southern Cross Country League event of 2015. Thirty-six members were among the 450 who completed the fourth round at Lord Wandsworth College, organised by Hart Road Runners. As the masses lined up they were reminded as usual that they ran “at their own risk” on such a demanding course. Recent rain meant the quagmires and deep puddles along the paths could not be avoided, neither could the steep hill that had to be tackled twice on the two lap 5 mile course. Conditions were such that, after the race, many took the opportunity to de-mud in a nearby puddle or made good use of the hose provided by the hosts, before eagerly consuming the customary piles of sandwiches and cakes.

Curtis Anderson again showed his class with a confident run for an excellent 4th place. Gerald Wyatt (37th) and James Warren (38th) battled for the next positions, while cross country captain Matt Dellar (43rd) and Stuart Haig (46th) were pleased to be team counters. They came a fine 4th of the 23 competing clubs. In support were Mark Maxwell 64th, Ian Marshall 71st, Colin Addison 72nd and Stephen Elliott-Nicholls 75th.

The ladies team was weakened by illness and other commitments but still came a worthy 9th to give the combined club score of joint 5th, maintaining an aggregate tally of 4th. Charlotte Hanson battled a cold for a creditable 25th, followed by Kayleigh Copeland in 33rd. Jane Georghiou was final counter in 38th. Kay Copeland put in a strong run for 65th, followed by an under par Eloise Stradling 76th with Tara Hunt 78th and Tina Harrison 79th not far behind.

Other placings:

Men: Neil Ambrose 86, Charles Ashby 87, Tim Cummins 93, Darren Carins 97, Dan Smith 99, Terry Copeland 116, Steve Bailey 123, Tristan Greaves 130, Hallam Foster 158, Peter Chapman 163, Alistair Hardaway 167, Tim Farrant 170, Craig Tate-Grimes 202, Paul Mackie 203, Richard Sheppard 276.

Ladies: Mary Denise Fitzgerald 115, Georgi Robinson-Welch 130, Becky Martin 131, Elaine Ashby 142, Clair Bailey 147, Jenni Rayner 152.

Other races

Three members, Stuart Williamson, Gerald Wyatt and Shaun Marsden chose a pre-Christmas jaunt of 50km in the Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Ultra on blustery, wet day. They recorded impressive times of 4:16:56, 4:17:22 and 4:24:07 respectively, the first two on their debut ultra-distance race.

On the same day Hillary Carter and Peter Strange ran the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon, albeit at more sedate pace.