HRRL Stubbington Green and SXCL Manor Farm Park

Temperatures varied by about 15 degrees between two events organised by Stubbington Green Runners. The first was the chilly Stubbington Green 10km, the sixth event in the Hampshire Road League series. The next week it was much warmer for the Manor Farm Park cross country, the penultimate race of the Southern Cross Country League 2015-16 series.

Farnham Runners were out in force for both races.

HRRL Stubbington Green

Thirty two members tackled the fairly flat 10km course, and nine gained personal best times despite the cold. Halfway through the road series the men’s A team remain on course for promotion to Division One, the B team look safe in B Division One and the C team have a chance of promotion to the same division. The ladies, already in the top flights for both their A and B teams, look secure.

Pacing each other Sarah Hill and Rob Gilchrist were the first back for Farnham, Sarah winning the ladies race by well over one minute in 36 minutes 31 seconds. She looks set to take the honours for the individual award at the end of the season, as she has won four of the five races she has entered. Gilchrist recorded a personal best of 36:32 (7th M40). Not far behind came James Clarke in 36:51, with Stuart Morel (37:58, 10th M40) and Gerald Wyatt (39:38) final scorers for the A squad which took 3rd in Division Two (aggregate top).

Mike Anderson came off worst in an argument with a pothole at 5km and, having just recovered from illness, had to settle for 7th M45 in 39:45. A trio of Matt Dellar (41:03), Mike Walberton (41:12, 11th M55) and Colin Addison (41:41, 16th M50) also counted for the B team which came 14th in B Division One (agg 4th).

John Phillips recorded yet another PB to his name to head the “C”s in 41:58, followed by Terry Copeland (42:36), Jeremy Skedge (44:50) and Tim Farrant returning to form (45:22). The C team are currently 2nd in B Division Two (10th on the day).

Nicola Douglas put in a fine performance for a PB 43:36 while Sarah Marjoram is beginning to realise her potential, clocking a 3.5 minute PB of 44:27. With Sarah Hill’s result this gave the A team an excellent 4th (agg. 5th) in the top flight.

For the “B”s, that were 4th (agg 6th), came Eloise Stradling (45:33), Jane Georghiou 46:17 (1st F60) and Kayleigh Copeland (46:58). In support were Peter Chapman and Keith Marshall both PBs 46:52, Tara Hunt 48:34, Lina Haines PB 49:31, Alistair Hardaway 49:59, Paul Day 50:23, Tina Harrison PB 50:30, Vicki Clarke 50:52, Kay Copeland 51:00, Becky Martin 52:48, Mary Denise Fitzgerald 52:42, Clair Bailey PB 58:05, Cyra Parkes 60:56, Richard Sheppard 71:15.

SXCL Manor Farm Park

At Manor Farm Park twenty five members hurtled along the forest tracks around the Hamble estuary, successfully negotiating deep mud, tree roots and tricky descents to streams.

Curtis Anderson again made a huge contribution to the team score recording an excellent 3rd, but Richard Lovejoy was on his heels in a new best of 6th. James Clarke in 26th was chased by James Warren in 29th, with cross country captain Matt Dellar stealing the final team place in 50th. Valuable backup was given by Gerald Wyatt (54th), Charles Ashby (55th) and Stuart Haig (59th). The men came a worthy 4th of the 23 squads in the league.

The ladies lacked some key players but Lindsay Bamford, a dedicated team member for many years was rewarded this time with first place for Farnham. A strong finish saw her overtake on the final hill securing 41st, ahead of Jane Georghiou in 43rd. Anne Snelson was a happy third counter in 62nd, getting the better of Lina Haines (64th), Vicki Clarke (67th) and Kay Copeland (73rd). The team managed 11th and the combined men and ladies tally was 6th. Farnham Runners stay 4th overall, before the final round on 28th February.

Also out to enjoy the mud and cakes were Men: Tim Cummins 69, Terry Copeland 88, Steve Bailey 104, Geoff Brown 175, Keith Marshall 189

Ladies:, Mary Denise Fitzgerald 98, Tina Harrison 99, Cyra Parkes 144, Elaine Ashby 153, Clair Bailey 155, Kathy Brown 198.