Fortitude Festival Features 44 Farnhamites (Endure 24)

Group of Farnham Runners before the race

Eight teams of Farnham Runners took part in Endure 24, the “Glastonbury for Runners” festival, which takes place near Reading, over the weekend of 14-16 June.

A total four thousand individuals participate, completing consecutive laps of five miles each, amid mud, rain and sun. With Club Members running up to 80 miles each, this overnight event tests stamina and personifies running.

The weekend started well, with early risers, Spencer Barfield, Jacquie Browne, Ian Calder and John Walker securing prime spot for the Club’s 22 tents, 2 gazebos, event shelter and pit. With views of both the start and end of the course, the position enabled everyone to cheer and support Club members as they ran past.

John Walker and Stuart Haig with medals

Stuart Haig and John Walker (Team – Whiskey Galore – photo above), achieved the greatest individual mileage, with Stuart running 80 miles and John 75, over the 25 hour period, taking fourth place in the pairs competition.

The all women “Dream Team” received prizes for coming third out of 42 (photos below), completing 32 laps, despite injury and other commitments. Louise Granell, Anne Snelson, Kate Townsend and Linda Tyler all ran 30 miles or more, with Lina Haines and Sarah McCulloch completing 10 and 20 apiece.

3rd placed Farnham Runners ladies team approaching the finish 3rd placed ladies team receiving their trophies

Despite having just four members, the “Joy of Six” team (John Phillips, Jason East, Paul Mackie and Mark Maxwell) came 28th in the large, mixed category group, again running 32 laps, with individuals running up to 40 miles each.

Beginner runners, Jarka Smid, Carol Dare, Alison Mungalls, Anna Samuel and Sally Stanford, exceeded their wildest dreams by finishing 3 laps each (15 miles) – a massive increase on their normal running profile.

The beginners’ team from 2016, “Gandalf and the Happy Hobbits”, led by Club Chairman Jacquie Browne, continued their run of success. Members, Shereen Atkinson, Nicola O’Connor, Julia Tagg, Jackie Wilkinson and Carolyn Wickham each ran 20 miles, exceeding their 2018 achievements and coming in 25th out of 42 all women teams.

The three mixed groups also did well:

  • The Resections (Spencer Barfield, Charles Ashby, Helen Bracey, Emma Dawson, Craig Tate-Grimes and Harvey Wickham) came in 36th out of 248, completing 32 laps (160 miles) total;
  • The BaBas, (Vicky Goodluck, Neil Ambrose, Richard Frost, Keith Marshall, Amanda Muir, Paul Tucker and Julian Saunders) came in 50th, with a total of 31 laps (155 miles); and
  • The Calder Shots (Ian Calder, Clair and Steve Bailey, Hallam Foster, Pauline Hamilton, Neil Richards and Michael Stephens), came in 66th, finishing with 30 laps.

Summing up the event for everyone, top runner, Stuart Haig, says,

“The whole weekend was just great! The course and running was fab, the company first class, and my mate John was an inspiration. No complaints, no grumbles, just lots and lots of happy, muddy, tired runners doing what they love! A must for 2020!”

Anyone that runs regularly and is interested in taking part in Endure 24 next year, is welcome to join Farnham Runners at 7pm on Wednesday evenings at the Bourne Clubhouse for a trial session.