Virtual Yateley 10K (Race 1)

The organisers of the ever popular Yateley 10K series, the first of which this year should have taken place on 3rd June, issued an invitation to anyone interested to complete a 10K run that same week and to submit their achievement. Results were to be posted week following the weekend deadline.

Craig Tate-Grimes, Jane Georghiou and Linda Tyler, completed the challenge that evening. Thanks to Giles Porter allowing us to use a private drive on the Claire Park Farm, they were able to maintain a social distance at all times.

Not as much fun as the race itself, they missed the camaraderie of other competitors, support from the crowd and there were no aid stations.

They were not presented with any medals or prizes at the end either, but it felt good to be racing against each other and hopefully it won’t be long before thay are able to race properly again!